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Many patients with excess body fat are malnourished due to poor eating habits.  We provide pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.  These supplements will help provide additional nutrition especially for those who choose a low calorie diet for rapid weight loss.


The following supplements are available, click on the title for more information.


  • D.N.S., Doctors Nutritional Support 

    For insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, blood sugar control, vital in weight loss.  Dr. Alan Rader has every patient on this product and uses it as his multi-vitamin + added benefits for glucose management. 


  • Pro-Trim 7-DAY Diet Program                                  Easy, convenient, pre-packaged weekly program with daily appetite control, quick filler, energy boost.  This program creates a foundation, a core, which every patient can use with and without scripts. 


  • Lipo-BC Tabs                                                                     A significant blend of “Fat Loving” lipotropic nutrients plus B-complex vitamins, which are essential in any weight loss program. The lipotropics help to increase fat metabolism, protect against the abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver, and remove and transport fat out of the body leading to acceleration of fat loss, boost in energy and increased fat burning.


Vitamins and Supplements

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