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Meal Replacements

Decatur Medical Weight Loss offers meal replacement plans through Medifast. Choose from more than 70 meals that you can enjoy in any order or at any time each day.  Each low-glycemic meal is low in calories and fat. Medifast weight loss meals are nutrient dense and fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, so you can lose pounds and inches without losing out on nutrition. Each meal has essentially the same nutritional profile, and has been designed to have enough low-fat protein and healthy fiber to keep you full and satisfied, without the between-meal hunger that can sabotage a weight loss plan.  Meals can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door.


The Medifast Achieve™ Meal Plan is as simple as this:


  • 4 Medifast meals

  • 2 lean and green meals

  • 1 Healthy snack


Eat six times daily, once every two to three hours


To reach the Medifast website, click on the button below.

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